Sloppy Morning

Well, the storms clouds have finally passed. I woke up to sunshine this morning. At first when I looked outside I thought we just had some small branches and leaves down. Then I went outside. The rain gauge had 4.4 inches in it, but at some point last night it blew over, so we may have gotten more. Everything is a sloppy mess!

Good thing I wore the rubber boots!

Big branch down!

Good thing this grass hay was cut last week! Now there’s water standing in it.

Another branch down.

My poor flowers! Found pieces salvia all over the farm!

The wind blew peppers right off the plants!

We had pea sized hail for a bit, lots of wind, and the power was off for a minute. The dog and I spent sometime in the basement during a tornado warning. While we were down there a sudden stream started flowing through the basement. Summer thought it was great fun to splash and play in it. There was wind coming down through the chimney and furnace which was blowing cobwebs on the ceiling! The water pipes were even making noises. I was sure a tornado was coming! The farmer was supposed to be playing softball, but ended up in the bar instead.

I was relived with what I found this morning. It looks like most of the crops are fine. All the animals and barns were unharmed. A few branches and too much water is much better than it could’ve been. More storms are expected tomorrow, I hope they miss us!


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