A Couple Of Things

First off, I want to say this weather is awesome! After all the heat this summer waking up to 60 degrees was really nice. I didn’t miss the hum of the air conditioner at all overnight. Besides the cooler temp we also had brilliant sunshine. It’s feeling a little bit like fall, which is depressing. I love fall, but I know it’s followed by winter, which I despise.

Secondly, I had to chase a heifer back in this morning. The farmer had just left so I quick called him to come help. Getting her back into the right pen involved locking up three other pens. It added quite a bit of time onto chores this morning.


One of these does not belong!

Lastly, I would like to announce my dog, Summer, has a problem.


Anyone got a light?

She likes cigars…ok, not really, but it kills me when she holds the bone like that. I just want to say “Hey, what’s up old man?”

That’s all I wanted to say, so enjoy what’s left of your Friday and the weekend!

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