Dark Morning

It’s been kind of crummy around here for the chore girl, aka me. Yesterday morning, I had a dead calf. It wasn’t a surprise, she’s been going downhill for the past week. I’m actually surprised she lived as long as she did. I’m not sure what exactly was wrong with her. She wasn’t responding to our treatments, so our hands were tied. It started with her bloating several times a couple of weeks ago. After that she wasn’t the same. I suspect her gut was twisted, but I’m certainly no expert!

Yesterday afternoon while doing chores I noticed a calf that looked sick. She’d bloated the morning before. She wasn’t bloated yesterday and came to eat. She just looked like she wasn’t feeling well. Generally when we have a calf bloat they get a shot along with being unbloated. I double checked and she did get a shot, so she couldn’t have another for several days.

The farmer came home just before dark and she was dead! I’ve just been sick about it. We’re at a loss as to what’s going on. Thankfully all my ladies were looking good this morning. Instead it was the sky I was keeping an eye on.

I’d watched the weather before coming out to do chores. According to the weather guy the thunderstorm was going to stay north of our farm.

I hurried as fast as I could through chores, just case the weather guy was wrong. Let’s face it, sometimes I wonder if they know what they’re talking about.

The dark clouds kept getting closer and closer.

By the time I got back to the house it was pretty dark. Now it’s pouring and we’re in a severe thunderstorm warning. So much for the storm going north of us. It’s raining so hard both of my kitchen windows are leaking! I think I need a vacation.

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