Even Farmers Have Hobbies

Farming takes a lot of time, especially when animals are involved. They need to be fed everyday and checked on to make sure they’re healthy. Some people think farmers don’t enjoy doing anything else, since they work so much. Farmers do enjoy their jobs (most days), but they still have hobbies.

We have many, but one of our favorites is fishing. The farmer loves fishing all the time. This past winter we bought a new ice house, so I’ve warmed up to the idea of ice fishing. My favorite is fishing in the summer. I like basking in the warm sunshine on the boat. I figure if the fishing is bad I may as well come home with a nice tan.


Perfect night for fishing

Thursday evening we went fishing after our chores were done. It was a perfect evening. Not too cool and hardly a breeze. The farmer found fish right away. We were catching Sun Fish, Rock Bass, and tiny Perch. We were pretty picky about the fish we kept. Most of them were released to grow bigger. I plan on catching them later. We ended up keeping three nice sized sunnies.

The Farmer enjoying some time off.

The pan fish stopped biting so the farmer decided we should try for some Walleye. We started trolling over the first spot. I’m not a very intense fisherman. I usually catch a fish when I’m not paying attention. Getting out a sandwich or the camera is a great way to get the fish to bite. I had started day dreaming and was surprised to feel a fish on my line. The farmer was surprised too, because I had caught a Crappie using a lure instead of live bait. Generally, panfish don’t bite on them. It was the biggest Crappie I’ve ever seen, so I was happy.

I don’t catch a lot of fish, so this one was fun!

We tried another spot, where I lost a small Walleye and almost lost the farmer’s eye. Thankfully, he has quick reflexes and the lure that popped out of the fish’s mouth missed the farmer’s face! By this time it was pretty dark, so we called it a night.

My big Crappie

Last night we ate our catch and they were delicious! My Crappie was almost a meal for two people! Now we’re counting the days until we can go fishing again.

Supper, yum!

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