Still Here

I’ve had a lot of people ask me what happened to my blog. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of anything to write about. Sometimes I just run out of time! The spring is turning into summer and here I am.

We’ve gotten 6.1 inches of rain since Thursday night. There is water standing everywhere. I decided to take a walk with my camera after supper. We were out-of-town over the weekend and were hoping the water would have went down by now, but it’s still hanging around.

This is not a lake, it’s our corn field.

This swamp is supposed to be my lawn!


Maybe we should grow geese instead of corn.


We seem to have quite a few right now!




The bovine version of the water cooler. It was a popular spot in this heat.



More rain?!


By the time I finished checking out all the water the sky was looking pretty dark. I walked into the house just as the weather radio’s alarm was sounding. We’re in a severe thundstorm warning right now. I hope I don’t have more water pictures to post tomorrow!

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