Finally Monday

Before I was back to working on the farm I used to dread Mondays. It meant I was in for another long work week full of stress and headaches. Now Mondays are generally just like any other day of the week. The days run together so much I usually know what day it is by what’s on the tv at night!

This week was a little different story. I was happy Monday was here. The reason was the farmer was back from a fishing trip. He left on Friday morning and not one hour after he’d left I had problems. It never fails sometime goes wrong when he’s out-of-town. I was sure since the weather was supposed to be so warm all weekend that I wouldn’t have any problems at all. Last winter there was a major snowstorm every time he went fishing. I should have know that problems happen in all types of temperatures. Last week, we’d been in a cycle of melting snow all day and puddles freezing over night. Friday morning, before I even walked to the barn, I found a heifer sprawled out on the ice. The poor girl’s back legs were pointed in unnatural directions. I groaned to myself, possibly said a couple of cuss words in my head, and headed to the barn for some barn lime to use as traction.

I tried my best, but was having no luck getting the heifer off the ice. Every time she’d try to get up her legs would go a different direction. I figured I better have help so she didn’t get hurt. I had to call my brother-in-law and he sent a herdsman over to help. He got the heifer pulled off the ice, but she didn’t want to try standing anymore. Who could blame her after falling so many times.

The herdsman said he saw a another heifer out of her pen when he drove up so we left the other one to rest. We went to put the escapee back in her pen and were surprised by having two out instead of just the one the herdsman had seen. Again, I may have cursed to myself. Luckily they went back in pretty easily. I was glad they made their escape while I had help on the farm. The herdsman and I went back to the heifer who had fallen and were able to get her up. I’m happy to report she wasn’t injured in her ordeal and by the afternoon the ice was melted into a large puddle.

I held my breath the rest of the weekend every time I went out to do chores. Thank goodness the rest of the weekend went smoothly, but I was still happy it was Monday.

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