Wise Acre Eatery

I’ve been promising my Facebook friends I would blog about this so here goes. Last week I went with a group of co-workers to Wise Acre Eatery in Minneapolis, MN. The owners also own Tangletown Garden Center, just across the street. I’d been to the garden center before they owned the eatery. A lot of the plants for the garden center and food for the restaurant come from a farm just west of the Twin Cities. I’ve gotten to tour the farm, so I’ve been dying to check out the restaurant.

For me, it did not disappoint. I follow Tangletown on Facebook. A couple of days before I went to Wise Acre, they had posted a picture of salad greens growing in one of their greenhouses. I was craving a good salad after seeing the picture.

A salad was exactly what I ordered.

Wise Acre Salad

This salad had a ton of different greens, giving it so much flavor. You could order it with either spicy egg salad or herb chicken salad. I opted for the chicken. The sherry-mustard dressing was the perfect finish. I absolutely loved this salad. To me it was perfect, in fact just thinking about it makes me want it for lunch today! Another lady I was with ordered it and thought the chicken was bland and the dressing was too sparse.

Two other ladies ordered the same chicken salad as a sandwich and also thought it was bland. Someone else had the turkey wild rice chowder and loved it. The last person in our group had the chilli and also loved it. We all ordered custard for a sweet treat and everyone agreed it was really good. I want to go back, every plate I saw going past our table looked really good.

The service was excellent. The place is dripping with charm. It’s a small restaurant so expect a wait if you’re going at prime lunch or dinner time. I guess the best way to sum it up is a down to earth place that serves real food, with a touch of class.

Wise Acre Eatery

Wise Acre Eatery – 5401 Nicollet Ave. South – Minneapolis, MN – 55419 – (612) 354-2577

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