What a Change

Well, it officially feels like winter in Minnesota. On Tuesday it was in the 50’s. I was cleaning up some spilled feed by a bunk and had to ditch the jacket. That almost never happens in January! Yesterday morning started out mild in the 30’s, but by the time I was done with morning chores the wind had come up and it was snowing.

This morning it feels like single digits. We still have the frigid north wind and it’s snowing. I thought the cold would be easier to take since we haven’t had much of it this winter. I was wrong. I still hate the cold. The plus side is, hopefully the lakes are making good ice. We bought a new ice house this year and have been anxious to try it out. The farmer is thinking this weekend. I’m a little nervous. Last night on the news the sheriff’s department from the county next to us issued a warning to stay off the ice. I’m always a little nervous anyway, so that didn’t help.

I’ve been slacking on the writing lately. It was pointed out to me over the weekend that last winter’s blog was more interesting to read. The weather was a big part of blog last winter. It’s amazing to me how big of role the weather plays in farming. Crops depend on the right mix of sun, rain, and heat to grow. Animals get sick easier during big temperature fluctuations. The farmer always says once it gets below freezing he wishes it would stay there all winter. On our heifer farm, we’ve been lucky this winter. There haven’t been too many sick ones despite the constantly changing temps. On the warmer days there is quite a bit of coughing, but then the temp drops and the coughing stops. I think we’ve only lost one heifer here this winter and she was a runt to start with. I better stop and knock on some wood now.

Any way, I’m sorry for the lack of interesting stories to tell, but things really have been running that smooth. Of course if this cold weather sticks around that could change.

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One Response to What a Change

  1. zweberfarms says:

    I totally agree with this post. I too am having a tough time writing this winter!

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