Curiosity Killed the Cat

This was a very traumatic morning for me and a cat! I headed to barn as usual this crisp morning and unplugged the bobcat. It’s been getting cold enough at night that we need to plug it in, so the block heater will keep the engine warm so it starts in the mornings. Anyway, I hopped in and started the engine. There was a terrible clanking sound, almost like a rock in the fan, followed by an even worse puff of fur flying and meowing.

I quickly shut the bobcat off and jumped out. I called the farmer, who thankfully was still at our farm. I was sure he would open the back-end of the bobcat and see a dead cat. He opened the back, ready for the worst, and said where’s the cat?


We couldn’t see the cat anywhere. The meowing had stopped before he got to the barn, but I was sure the cat hadn’t come out. He looked for quite a while and thought he could hear it moving around. He went to get a flash light while I worked on chores and tried to not cry. I hate cats, no secret, but I hate animals suffering even worse.

He came back with the flash light and could see the cat, alive, in the fan. The problem became how to get it out. The fan is in the middle of the bobcat with no easy access. He tried everything he could think of while I finished what I could do of chores, without the bobcat.

He figured out how the cat got in, but he couldn’t just reach in and grab the cat. He decided to he needed to go get something from the other farm to grab the cat with. I headed to house and prayed the cat would just climb out while we weren’t there.

The farmer and a hired hand came back with some sort of grabber. I wasn’t out there when they pulled the cat out. The farmer said it ran off, but he doesn’t think it will make it. I guess the back-end was in pretty bad shape.

I feel so bad, but I know there was no way for me to know it was in there. I just hope this never happens again! We’d never seen this cat before so its first visit to our farm may very well have been it’s last.

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