Tragic Reminder

I spent the weekend back in my hometown. I was glad to be home on this particular weekend. My mom received a call Saturday morning that left us sad and shaken. A member of my parent’s sister church was killed in a farm accident.

I didn’t know this man or his family real well, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking of him or his family. From what I understand, he was moving some dairy heifers or cows when they spooked. He was trampled. This really hit home for me, since I’m out with heifers every day. Sometimes they start running while I’m in the pen. I have to say, I’ve been taking for granted how tame they are.

This accident was a tragic reminder to never assume anything. Every time I hear of a farm accident it makes me realize how fast this job we love can turn into a nightmare. An accident always makes other farmers slow down a little bit and say a little pray. Before long we’re cruising right along again. I will admit I assume, every morning when I head out to feed my heifers, I will be headed back to the house in a couple of hours. This weekend’s news will have me watching those heifers closer and not taking my safety for granted.

I haven’t named any names, those who are reading this from my home town will know what family to pray for. I’d like the rest of you to send up a prayer, even though you don’t know this family. Especially this weekend as the man’s daughter says her wedding vows. My heart is breaking for the family and I will be praying they find the strength they will need to get through.

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