Another Day, Another Coyote

I was hoping the neighbor had taken care of the coyotes I’ve been seeing around our farm. A few days after they were by my house I heard gun shots in the area. It was wishful thinking.

This morning I saw another coyote while I was doing chores. It was right behind our cattle shed. It didn’t run too fast when I came in the bobcat to push up feed. It stopped and watched me until I kept driving toward it, then it ran into the corn field.

The farmer was out helping with chores this morning. When I got back to the barn I told him I should start carrying a gun. (Anyone who’s played darts with me knows this is a bad idea!) The farmer said the two mornings this week he’s done chores the coyote has been in the same area. I was kind of annoyed he didn’t go out with the gun since he’s been seeing it this week!

I don’t necessarily want the coyote dead, I just want it to stay away from the cattle, the dog, and me. It seems to know I don’t pose a big threat and that worries me. Hopefully it moves on or someone gets it.

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One Response to Another Day, Another Coyote

  1. I get very uncomfortable when the coyotes come close to the animals. My old dog has only 3 legs but he feels the need to take them on. I guess he knows he’s in charge of the farm.

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