They’re Back!

Every one has been telling me not worry about the coyote I’ve been seeing around the farm. I still worry anyway. Tonight I was invited to the grand opening of a winery, which I was going to blog about. As I pulled up my driveway I was greeted with a coyote running away from my house! I was so shocked I didn’t even have time to honk the horn as it ran into the corn field. I continued around the bend of my driveway and saw another coyote next to a pen of heifers right by my house. This time I was a little quicker and floored my car. I laid on the horn and chased it down the field road until it darted into the woods.

I was shaking by the time I got into the house. I knew I had to let Summer out for a potty break since I’d been gone a few hours. I was nervous since there had been two coyotes and they were so close to the house. I didn’t want Summer to run through her wireless fence to chase them or worse, get attacked by them. I put my shoes on to go out with her and watch. We stepped out the patio door and luckily I went around the corner of the house first, because a coyote was headed towards the heifer pen again! Right by the house! I grabbed Summer right as the coyote saw us. I shoved her back in the house and then yelled at the coyote, which ran back into the corn field.

Last night Summer wouldn’t stop barking outside. I kept looking out and never saw anything. I wonder if the coyotes were out there watching her. I’m really freaked out I have more than one and they’re coming so close to the house. I could have hit one with a rock, that’s how close they were. The farmer is coming home and bringing the gun to the house, but it won’t do any good if I scared them away.  The farmer will laugh, but right now I’m sitting in the living room, in the dark, watching for them.

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