Bistro 11


Last night the farmer and I checked out a place in Loretto, MN. This little town is always a hopping place. The last time we were there we had supper at Choo-Choo’s, which I did not blog about and should have. It was really good.

This time we went to Bistro 11. It was a classy place with awesome food. We started out with the bake brie. I make this at home sometimes, but this was out of this world. Bistro 11’s version included orange marmalade, sunflower seeds, and grilled peaches. It was served with grilled bread, I think it was sourdough. This alone was worth the drive.

My meal didn’t disappoint either. I decided to try something new and had the duck. I want more right now just thinking about it. I was blown away, it was so good. The duck breast was served with mushroom and duck risotto. The whole plate was drizzled with some kind of duck-based sauce. I really don’t think I’ve eaten some thing so out of this world before. I wanted to lick my plate when I was finished!

The farmer had the sirloin steak which was served with 3-cheese au-gratin potatoes and white asparagus. The steak looked awesome. The farmer said everything was really good.

This place is a little on the spendy side, but the food is worth every penny. If you want great food, eat here. If you want  a cheap night out, go somewhere else. The service was good, the atmosphere was nice, but the food was the star. We will definitely be going back sometime.

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