Wild Weather

I just got in from chores, almost an hour later than normal. I spent a great deal of time standing in the barn waiting for a storm to pass. Normally, I just keep on going with chores. I’m not afraid of rain, since I’m not made of sugar I don’t melt. Today however was a different story. There was a ton of lightning. The freaky cloud to ground kind. I needed sunglasses and ear plugs! My ears actually hurt after some of the strikes. The thunder was so loud and came almost immediately after the lightning. It was also pouring rain during the light show. I fed everything I could without having to be a target for the lightning.

Things finally settled down and I was able to finish with chores. The rain had come so fast the water didn’t have time to run anywhere. There were little rivers running everywhere. I was leaving a wake while I pushed up feed with the bobcat!

I checked the rain gauge before I came in and we got 1.4 inches in about an hour. It looks almost as bad as Saturated Sunday! And now that I’ve dumped the gauge it’s raining again. I hope we don’t get much more!

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