Friday Already!

Where has this week gone? It seems like I went to sleep on Monday night and woke up to Friday morning. I guess times flies when you’re having fun. Wednesday I had the whole day off from my chores! I spent the day with former co-workers checking out garden centers. It was fun finding the end of season bargains. I picked up several perennials to add to my perennial garden for $1 a piece! What a steal.

We had lunch at our usual spot, The Cheesecake Factory. Of course, we stuffed ourselves silly. I was seriously still full the next morning! If you ever go there I would highly recommend the crab cake sandwich. It was awesome! The mojitos are good there, too.

Yesterday, after sweating through chores and lawn mowing, we went fishing. It was a full boat with the farmer, his dad, and niece. Our niece was hauling Sunnies in as fast as her Grandpa could take them off and put a new worm on her hook. I don’t know how many we ended up keeping, but there were enough for us to split the catch. The farmer and his dad didn’t finish cleaning fish until 10:30 pm!

Today the farmer and crew will be starting the second cutting of alfalfa. Good thing we got our fishing in last night, I’m sure it will be nothing but work this long weekend. I hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th of July weekend celebrating this great country and the freedom we enjoy thanks to our service members and their families.

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