This Old House – Part Three

Well, we thought the kitchen/living room project would be completed tomorrow with only the electrical and plumbing left. The flooring guys ripped out the rest of the living room carpet this morning and discovered the patio door has been leaking. At first they thought it was old damage and started ripping out the dry rotted wood. After getting the first layer out, they ran into wet wood. The whole corner next to the door is rotten and they think there are rotten studs in the wall! I’m so depressed!

I’m not sure who’s more depressed, me or the farmer. We want this project to be done so bad. We’ve been into this project since the middle of March! Now, instead of heading out for a camping trip, we’re waiting for the contractor to come and assess the situation. We’re probably looking at replacing the patio door for sure. Who knows what we’ll find once we’re into the project. Now we’re back to who knows when this will be done. I’m thinking I may never remodel anything again!

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