I’m a Big Chicken

There, I said it! I am a big chicken. My family will be the first to tell you it’s true. If something can possibly go wrong I’ll probably think of it first. The farmer thinks I should get a job with OSHA. The problem with that is I would be too chicken to tell people what they should change.

Anyway, the point of me being a chicken is now I have a new thing to be worried about on the farm. The farmer saw a coyote this afternoon. He was driving behind a building and said it looked like it was either just ready to go in or had just came out of it. I’ve noticed tracks around the farm all winter in the snow, but kept telling myself it was just a stray dog.

Two things worry me about this sighting. One, it was the middle of the afternoon. What was it doing in my yard in the middle of the afternoon? Second, the building it was by is really close to my house. I’m in that building almost everyday. Summer and I walk behind it almost everyday, sometimes twice. I’m a big chicken and don’t care to meet this coyote.

Don’t get me wrong, I love wildlife and the great outdoors. I just like the predators at a safe distance and this is feeling a little too close for comfort. Maybe I’ve just read too many attack stories. In high school, I’d watch the magazine rack in the library for the newest issue of Outdoor Life and flip right to the attack stories. I loved the predator edition packed with stories of coyotes attacking toddlers and mountain lions going after joggers. These things do happen, but do I need to worry about this coyote while I’m doing chores? I felt like I was always looking behind me this afternoon.

Maybe I am just a big chicken and have no reason to worry. That doesn’t really put my mind at ease. I wonder what OSHA would say about this.

Coyote was by building on right, grass on left is my lawn!

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5 Responses to I’m a Big Chicken

  1. Amanda says:

    We have them at our house and I’m scared of them too. We hear them yipping at dawn but have only seen them once or twice. Hopefully you won’t be seeing yours again!

    • We hear them yipping at night sometimes. It’s kind of creepy. We haven’t heard them for a long time so I was hoping they’d moved to a different area. I hope this one got scared off by the farmer and won’t be back.

  2. I got so used to them when I lived in Phoenix and LA. But now that I think about it, those were watered-down versions. They were used to people. They left us alone and focused on pets. I lost a cat to one once.

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