Hot and Busy

After a fun weekend away from the farm it’s back to reality for me. The fields have finally stayed dry so the farmer and crew are making a big dent in the corn and soybean planting. They’ve also started cutting and chopping alfalfa. They’re also cutting and baling grass hay. All this is in addition to the daily tasks involved with running a dairy farm. Needless to say the farmer is putting in very long days and sleeps well at night!

We’re on day two of some really hot and windy weather in central Minnesota. The weather man at noon today said we should reach 101 degrees by 4:00 this afternoon. I’m thrilled the high temp will occur during afternoon chores (note the sarcasm). The wind is close to 30 mph which makes it feel like a blast furnace outside. The thought of putting jeans and boots on is not too appealing today.

On the plus side our air conditioning was hooked up late afternoon yesterday. Summer and I have been doing odds and ends inside today. Ok, I’m working and the dog has spent most of the day sleeping.  I’m very thankful for the air conditioning today!

Cooler weather is coming by the end of the week and hopefully the planting will be done also. This has been a very long planting season and everyone is ready to put it behind us. There is still one container of seed corn sitting in front of the fishing boat. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to spend an afternoon on the lake!

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