Welcome, Summer


Our new puppy, Summer


Yesterday we went to a couple of pet adoption days at a couple of different Petcos. We thought we might be interested in a 5 month old puppy named Toula, but she had an adoption pending. The other dogs up for adoption from that rescue group looked really unhealthy and we think they were drugged to be calm. I saw a worker giving one dog a pill before she put the dog in a cage. We took two dogs outside to get to know them. They both were strangely calm and didn’t act happy about anything. We decided none of those dogs were for us, so we went to a different Petco.

The rescue group putting this adoption day on was Homeward Bound. Right from the first second we were there we could tell a difference. The dogs and puppies were barking, wagging tails, some whined, some growled, but basically they acted like you’d except a room full of dogs to act. There were also a ton of people, but the rescue volunteers all had matching t-shirts and all seemed to know a lot about all the dogs. The first place we went no one seemed to know anything!

We made a walk through the room reading bios and looking at the dogs and puppies. I didn’t really except to fall in love walking through, but we got to Summer’s cage and it might have been love at first sight. She was laying quietly, watching everybody. When we stopped by her cage she stood up. We got down next to her cage and she liked our fingers and wanted her ears rubbed. I was hooked right away.

We finished looking at all the other dogs and puppies. There were a lot of smaller puppies, which were adorable, but for some reason I felt drawn to Summer. We exchanged my driver’s license for a leash and took Summer out side to get to know her. We noticed right away how nice she walked on a leash. We also noticed how friendly she was. She wanted to meet all the people on the way outside and play with all the dogs. (Sadie would’ve been in a fight right away or might have bitten someone, so this was a nice change.)

We got outside and sat in the grass. Summer flopped right down between us and rolled on her back so we could rub her belly. It was like we were at a park for a picnic or something. Several Homeward Bound volunteers told us how friendly she was and how sweet she was. One volunteer brought the pre-adoption screening papers out for us to fill out.

I filled out the 5 pages of questions and the farmer walked around with Summer. I was sold on Summer at this point, but the farmer thought we should take some of the other puppies out, too. By the time I had all the questions answered, Summer had won over the farmer too. We didn’t meet any other dogs. We were approved for the adoption and let loose in Petco with Summer.

We had most things we needed at home, but had to pick some puppy food and the right sized collar. Of course, the farmer picked out a new bed, in case Summer chewed up Sadie’s old one. (She hasn’t yet) Summer picked out several new toys and almost had new treats at the cash register. Pretty sneaking planning putting all that stuff at nose level and then letting you bring your dog shopping!

Summer is somewhere between 7-9 months old. They think she’s a Golden Retriever/Labrador mix. I have to take her in to be weighed, but she’s almost bigger than Sadie was and she weighed 52 pounds. Summer is probably a little more than that right now. She has pretty big feet, so she’ll be a big girl. We’re pretty sure she’ll out grow the kennel we have. So far we’re discovered she snores, loves balls, and is happiest when she’s by your side. Summer is so different from Sadie. We’re almost freaked out to have such a quiet, calm dog. Summer seems like the type of dog we could take to the park, walking on the bike trail, or camping without problems. I hope she stays this friendly and good!

Some people may think we rushed into another dog, but this feels right. Having no dog felt like torture to me. I still miss Sadie, but I don’t feel so empty inside. Right now Summer is snoring, half under my bed. She’s already filled most of the big hole Sadie left and she just got here. I think she knows we were lucky to find each other.

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2 Responses to Welcome, Summer

  1. Sarah says:

    So glad you found Summer! I understand how you are feeling; after I lost my dog suddenly I left immediately for a convention, & when I walked back in my house four days later I was met by a pit/lab mix. Puppies never replace one another, but they all lap up the love & attention we have to give, and give it back in slobber kisses!

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