A Good Place To Be

Here we are at the end of another week! I don’t know where the time has gone. This week we had five sunny days in a row, so I’ve been spending almost every free minute outside. (It’s raining today) I’ve planted the new raised flower bed the farmer built for me, the new raised vegetable garden he built, and added a bunch of new flowers to my perennial garden. This year it’s finally starting to look like something. The third summer seems to be the magic number for a perennial garden to really take off. It still has a long way to go, but this year I feel like I’m making progress.

I’ve also been busy letting contractors in and out of the house. The kitchen project is finally starting to get going. I’m glad I got the painting done before work started. It went really fast when I didn’t have to tape any thing or be careful of where I got paint. The flooring guys are here as we speak. This is their second trip out this week. They have been pouring self-leveler on the floor getting ready for the cabinets. The base cabinets will be installed on Monday. I can’t wait, right now my living room in full of boxes!

We discovered last week, part of the living room floor also needs to be replaced. I added getting carpet samples to my list of errands this week. Luckily, the farmer and I agreed on carpet. It’s so much easier when we like the same things! Now we’re just hoping to get this project finished without anymore surprises. I’ve never missed cooking so much in my life!

The dog is ready for this project to be over too. She’s locked up quite a bit so she doesn’t bother (or bite) a contractor. We’ve found it a little funny she refuses to give up her favorite spot in the living room. The first night the cabinets were in the living room we couldn’t find Sadie. We looked and looked. She’d found her way to the patio door in the maze of boxes. There’s no spot she’d rather sleep this time of year.

Sadie laying in her favorite spot.

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