Not So Typical Weekend

I was kind of happy to say goodbye to the weekend and hello to Monday. This weather was less than typical of the beginning of May. It rained again on Saturday morning and was extremely windy. I trudged down to the barn in my rain suit (yes, it was raining that hard), only to discover the bobcat wouldn’t work. The traction-lock was stuck on, which meant the bobcat wouldn’t go anywhere. I called the farmer, who luckily hadn’t left our house yet. He came down and discovered a blown fuse. He replaced the fuse only to have it blow right away again. He had to go to the auto parts store and buy more fuses.

Of course I was out of hay, so I couldn’t start any chores without the bobcat. I trudged back to the house and got back out of my rain suit. I was able to check my e-mail, enjoy a cup of coffee, and get some laundry done. I waited almost two hours for the bobcat to be fixed. Finally the farmer called and told me he was on his way to our farm with a bobcat from his parent’s farm.

I went out and did chores with that bobcat. It was one size bigger than the one I was used to and I had an awful time with it. I couldn’t see over anything. Changing the buckets was hard, because I couldn’t see over the front of the bobcat to see if I was lined up with the bucket. It didn’t help that this one had foot controls to run the bucket and the one I usually use has hand controls. When I was pushing up the feed I couldn’t see over the arm of the bobcat to see what I was doing. I managed to get chores done without breaking anything! The farmer’s day didn’t improve much either. When he finally got to the dairy farm he had to milk cows for a while, because one of the milkers was sick. He put in a long night trying to make up for the time spent out of the office all day.

I was finally finished with chores at 12:30, two hours later than normal. By the time the afternoon rolled around my bobcat was fixed. I was cruising through chores with no problems. The sun was even starting to peek out of the clouds. I opened the door of one of the barns and scared a cat, which in turn scared me and the calves. The calves took off running like they were being chased by a cougar, instead of a barn cat. They crashed into gates and the waterer. When they finally stopped running they wouldn’t come out of the corner. I couldn’t believe a cat scared them so bad.

Sunday morning I noticed one of the calves had a swollen front leg. She must have hurt her leg in the raucous of the previous afternoon. Today it’s still swollen, but she’s walking on it and still eating. The herdsman is coming sometime today to take a look at her. I hope it’s nothing too serious. The farmer says the small heifers are a lot more resilient with injuries than the bigger ones.

The weather hasn’t improved either. It was 34 degrees this morning, with clouds and wind again. Of course it’s a bit warmer than yesterday, which was 31 degrees. I find myself wondering where spring went and if it’s ever coming back. I’d even be happy to find summer. I just hope we’re not skipping right back to winter, because it really feels like fall right now. On top of all that my washer started leaking water! I’m hoping this week is better than the weekend!

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