Hiding the Truth About Factory Farms- My Thoughts

Hiding the Truth About Factory Farms – NYTimes.com.

This editorial in the New York Times has been getting a lot of attention on Twitter today. Of course I couldn’t find a place on the website to comment on the article, so I’m doing it here. The article talks about the legislation in three states to make it a crime for an undercover video to be taken on a farm.

Farmers do not have an issue with people knowing how their food is raised. We want consumers to be educated and feel good about the food we raise and all eat. We have an issue with someone lying to us in order to gain employment. We have an issue with someone taking video without our knowledge. We have an issue with someone then editing the video so things are taken out of context. We have an issue with someone instigating acts of animal abuse without our knowledge. Of course if abuse is going on we want to know. We want employees who witness this to come to us and let us know what has been going on behind our backs. We do not want to find out about a problem weeks later after a video has been put on the internet. We want animal abusers to be held accountable. There is no room in animal agriculture for mistreatment.

The animal “rights” groups (vegan extremists) would like consumers to believe we’re harboring deep, dark secrets and that’s why we’re pushing for this legislation. We’re not hiding anything. We’re simply trying to protect our families and our livelihood. I doubt anyone else would do anything different if it was their family and home being threatened. If you don’t believe me, talk to another farmer. I think you’ll find we’re honest, open people who love to share our passion for agriculture.

Here’s another farmer’s thoughts on the law. I whole heartedly agree with her.


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