Love the smile

Yesterday was a typical day around here. I did chores in the morning and then ran some errands. I took the car in for an oil change, got a hair cut, and grabbed lunch. By the time I was back outside for chores it was pretty nice out, at least compared to the last few days. I decided it was a good afternoon to do a little clean up.

Over time dropped hay builds up around the feed bunks and in front of the barn doors where I go in and out with the hay. After a while the bottom layers get slimy as the hay starts to decompose. I pitch forked and shoveled the hay and slim away from one bunk and from in front of one door. My arms felt like rubber after that and it was almost supper time.

I had to smile when I went back to get my shovel and pitch fork after I dumped the bobcat. Apparently the shovel was happy about the work we’d done.

A happy shovel

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