We Need Your Story! « Ray-Lin Dairy

This morning I was catching up on a list of blogs I enjoy reading. I wanted to share this one because I feel it makes such an important point. To me the idea of having an open mind is a no brainer. I have one every day. My views on a lot of things differ greatly from my family and even the farmer. I need to have an open mind about almost everything or we could get into lots of fights! For example, I personally feel there is great importance to having organic food available to the masses, however my family and the farmer are all involved in conventional agriculture. I don’t argue with them over this, because I can clearly see we will not feed this growing world with organic alone! I have an open mind and see the importance of balance. This feeling follows most of my life; the environment (my dad calls me a tree hugger), politics, religion, and much more. I will not think less of you because of your views and please do me the same favor. This world could be a much more peaceful and informed place if we all kept an open mind. I encourage you to read the blog below to have more food for thought and maybe even inspire you to action.

We Need Your Story! « Ray-Lin Dairy.

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4 Responses to We Need Your Story! « Ray-Lin Dairy

  1. Amanda says:

    Thanks for sharing! I’m guessing that you and I share a lot of the same views!

  2. raylindairy says:

    Thanks for sharing!

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