Santorini Taverna

This post is a little late coming, but I’ve been so busy I just didn’t get to it last week. With the kitchen remodel still in progress we’ve been eating out a lot. Last week we decided to splurge and head to Santorini Taverna in Eden Prairie, MN. After lots of burgers and chicken sandwiches in  local joints we felt like something different.

This was the second time we’ve been to this restaurant. The first time was prime dinner time on a weekend. It was really busy and we felt a little too close to the tables next to us. The food was good our first visit. I remembering having lobster ravioli. I don’t remember what the farmer had.

This time we felt like we had a relaxing meal in an intimate setting. The only down side to going on a Wednesday evening was the mussels and the octopus were out. They order fresh seafood so they sometimes run out. I imagine an order was probably coming the next day to be ready for the weekend. I was a little disappointed, but we ordered caesar salads instead, plus you get bread to dip in olive oil.

The main course was outstanding. I had one of the specials, parmesan crusted halibut on a bed of thin spaghetti noodles topped with a kalamata bruchetta and served with a side of mediterranean vegi’s. The fish melted in my mouth. I was a little worried about olives with fish, but it turned out to be a very nice combo. The farmer decided to go out of his beef box and ordered the lamb chops a la thebes. The three chops were marinated in olive oil and garlic. They were so good! I was a little sorry I hadn’t ordered them. They were so tender and had a taste somewhere between a good steak and a good pork chop. Neither one of us had ordered lamb before, but we would both order it again. I may have found my new favorite meat! The chops were so good I don’t even remember what they were served with.

Santorini is a little on the expensive side, but they do have some less expensive items on the menu, such as pizza. We’ve realized price of the food generally equals our enjoyment of the meal. Usually the atmosphere and service is better at the more expensive places and you’re almost guaranteed not to be sitting next to a screaming child. In fact, this evening we were next to a small table celebrating a 90th birthday with champagne. I told the farmer I hoped I could go to a nice restaurant and have champagne on my 90th birthday! If you’d like to check out the menu or get directions to Santorini they have a website.

The Halibut Special

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