Red’s Cafe and Catering

Update: Yesterday I received a gift certificate for $35 from Red’s Cafe. After I complained via their website I was e-mailed by the owner. He was very sorry for our experience and wanted to make it up to us. I was starting to think I wasn’t going to ever see the gift certificate, but since it finally came I’ll be giving this place another shot.

Last night we decided to check out Red’s Cafe and Catering in Montrose, MN. I’d been eyeing it for a couple of years, but never stopped. Boy, I sorry I was there last night. Walking in was like walking into chaos. The place wasn’t very busy, but the waitresses were practically running from table to table. It was seat yourself, so we did. Before we even got a menu we were rethinking our choice. A baby across the restaurant was screaming at the top of her lungs for almost our whole time there. While I realize this was not the restaurant’s fault, it didn’t help our evening.

When the waitress finally brought us menus she took our drink order. I asked what kind of beer they had, since we didn’t have time to open the menu. She said almost anything, don’t order anything fancy. I asked for a Budlight with a slice of lime. I wanted Budlight Lime, but figured she’d consider that fancy. I was told they didn’t have any limes or lemons. Ok, just the beer is fine. After she left I started to wonder what kind of place has ice tea and mixed drinks, but no lemons or limes? Later, I heard someone order ice tea with a lemon and she wasn’t told they didn’t have any, hmm.

When our food came my order was wrong. I received the wrong side dish and no roll. The soup was delivered several minutes after my meal and I never did get my roll! The food was average. Although it was hard to enjoy, since it was starting to get cold by the time I ate my soup.

The farmer had the all you can eat fish and I had all you can eat shrimp. Our waitress brought him more fish, never stayed at the table long enough to ask if I wanted more shrimp. I’ve never seen a waitress run away from a table so fast. There literally was not time to ask for anything.

We decided since the screaming child was finally gone, we’d splurge on dessert. I’d seen a long list of homemade pies and the farmer was eyeing the hand-dipped ice cream cones. When the waitress brought our bill, I finally got to ask about the kind of pie I wanted. I asked if the was any sour cream raisin left. She said yep and ran away again. We couldn’t believe she never asked the farmer what he wanted, she wasn’t even there long enough for him to say anything.

She practically threw my pie at me and ran away again. The farmer decided ice cream wasn’t worth the hassle. The pie was good, but I was so disgusted by this time I just wanted the bill. Of course we had to wait a long time for that!

Needless to say we will not be going back. If you decide to try this place out I would ask the waitress her name. If it’s Amanda G. I would get up and leave. I’m not joking, she was that bad. They do have a website, which I left a comment on, if you wish to know more about Red’s or see what kind of food they have,

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