March Madness

What a day yesterday! We got one of those typical March snow storms with lots of heavy, wet snow. The temps stayed mild so the snow was falling on lots of mud and standing water. We had a sloppy mess by yesterday afternoon. Today the temps are much colder so the deep ruts in the mud and snow are frozen. It was a rough ride in the bobcat this morning!

Yesterday morning was a reminder of the first major snowfall of the winter. I had to have the farmer’s help with that snow, just as I did yesterday. The snow was like cement! I tried and tried to push it away from the heifers’ feed, but the bobcat just couldn’t push through the heavy snow. The farmer ended up having to use the payloader to clear the snow from the bunks.

Shoveling the bunks of the calves wasn’t much fun either. It’s back-breaking work, especially when the snow is so wet. I was lucky to have the farmer help me with the longest bunk. While we were working together to clean the bunk and give the calves hay we joked about why we were doing this for a living.

While it’s easy to wonder what we’re doing in weather like yesterday, it’s just as easy to know why we love it most days. Watching the sun rise as you walk to the barn is a special treat. Watching the heifers frolic in fresh straw makes you laugh. Feeling the sun on your face and a gentle breeze tickling your hair makes you feel alive. The best part of my job is going to bed each night, knowing I played a small part in providing high quality dairy products to the world.

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