Tough Choices

Yesterday I had to take our dog, Sadie, to the vet. She was hardly putting any weight on her back leg when we picked her up from the kennel on Thursday. Sadie kind of slipped getting out of the car on Monday when we dropped her off, so we figure that’s when she hurt the leg. It didn’t seem like it hurt too bad. She was moving around as much as she usually did, only on three legs most of the time.

We decided we better take her in to see what the problem was. I was shocked and saddened to learn she basically blew out her knee. According to the vet and the information I’ve read it won’t heal without surgery. Of course the surgery is very expensive. The farmer and I are in agreement, we cannot spend that much money on surgery.

Now the question becomes is she in pain or not. When we got home yesterday she spent the afternoon running on three legs barking at the calves. She ran up and down the steps a bunch of times and she hand no problems getting on “her” love seat to sleep.

Today she’s done much of the same in addition to enjoying the sun on the deck. The leg seems the same as it has been. The farmer and I are having a hard time deciding when is the time to put her down. It’s so hard to watch her following you around the house on three legs, but at the same time, she up and moving when she doesn’t have to be. I would think if she was in pain she wouldn’t move any more than she had to.

We knew this day would come some time. She’ll be eight this fall. I was just hoping the answer would be black and white, not all this gray area. How are you supposed to know it’s time to say goodbye to a loyal friend?

Sadie enjoying a summer evening

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3 Responses to Tough Choices

  1. Ah, poor Sadie. My heart goes out to all of you. I think you’re right about how she wouldn’t be up and about if she were in a lot of pain. You know your Sadie, and you can tell when she’s happy and when she’s not. You can let that be your guide. What a sweet dog!

  2. Jillian says:

    That’s a hard place to be! Thinking about yall and little Sadie!

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