This Old House

One of the joys/issues of living on a farm is having an old farm-house. While there are advantages to living in a house that’s over 100 years old, there are most definitely draw backs. The cold drafts and mice are minor issues, last week we discovered a bigger problem.

When we moved to this house three years ago, there was a spot in the kitchen floor that seemed to sag a bit. We didn’t really look into the issue, because we bought the farm for the barns and feedlot, not the house. In fact, I didn’t even see the house until a few weeks before we moved in. Talk about stressful! I’ve learned that living in a farm owned house means putting up with things not working right and having to look past out-dated kitchens, bathrooms, ect. Basically, if I couldn’t fix it with a can of paint, than it didn’t need fixing. Usually the farmer doesn’t think painting is necessary either, but keeps his mouth shut since I don’t ask him to help.

Anyway, the farmer and I were in the kitchen recently and he asked if the sagging floor was getting worse. I walked around, really paying attention to the floor, and I, too, thought the problem was worse. I suggested something must be leaking and maybe he should get into the crawl space to investigate. Well, that kept getting put off and I kept asking (he might say nagging).  Finally one night he went down to check things out. We didn’t have to get in the crawl space to see we had a major problem. By shining a flash light in the crawl space we could see several places where the sub-floor was sagging or in some cases was completely rotten.

I spent all day yesterday emptying kitchen cabinets and setting up a make-shift kitchen in another room. The counter top is starting to crack in some places. I don’t know if we’ll be putting in all new cabinets or refacing what we have. Part of me is excited to get rid of the kitchen from the 70’s, however I would’ve like to plan something before what I have gets ripped out.

Right now I’m waiting for the contractor to show up. I guess he’ll start ripping out the floor tomorrow. Hopefully then we’ll know more about what’s going on. I keep telling myself I love this old house, even with all its quirks.

The kitchen before, hopefully a great after to follow!

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