What Does Our Future Hold?

First off, I’d like to say I’m sorry for not writing for so long! I was sick last weekend and part of the week. After that I was trying to get back into my routine with doing chores and doing house work. Over this past weekend I was working on a painting project and now here it is half way through another week! I’ll try to do better with keeping this blog current.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with the farmer at our creamery’s annual lunch and meeting. This was the first year I’ve been invited to go with him. It was kind of interesting to hear about what the cheese business has been like the past year and what the creamery has been up to. The most interesting thing I noticed made me sad. I counted ten people who looked to be 30 or under. A vast majority of the patrons looked to be 60 or older.

This got me thinking about the future of the dairy industry and the future of agriculture in general. I’m hoping the younger patrons just didn’t find the time to attend the annual meeting, but I doubt that’s the case. What will happen when all those “old” farmers retire? If there are not many young people going into the industry, how much milk will be produced in the future? I wonder if this issue is only one of the dairy industry or if this story is repeated across all areas of agriculture?

It makes me sad to think someday farming could be a novelty. What will become of our food system? Who will strive to grow high quality products to feed this country and world? What does our future hold?

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One Response to What Does Our Future Hold?

  1. Amanda says:

    This topic really scares me too! This is a problem that will need to be addressed, but there is such a disconnect between the food that is bought in the store and where it comes from, that your average person has no idea that this will even be a problem. Unfortunately, based on how hard it is to make a life in agriculture, I don’t see this problem fixing itself too soon.

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