Wanted: Large Ark

I’m thinking of putting a classified ad in the local newspaper. Wanted: one large ark, big enough to hold 1,000 bovines, 1 crazy lab, and 2 farmers. Will take immediate delivery. Or maybe, Wanted: bobcat equipped with pontoons and an outboard motor.

This unseasonably warm weather has been wonderful for me. I love not having to dress for an arctic adventure. This morning I didn’t even need a stocking hat! I’m enjoying being able to feel my fingers and toes when I finish chores.

The down side to this warmth is the extreme melting going on. At first it was a puddle here and there, but now it’s getting a little crazy. Water is running like a river in some spots, but lots of places the water is just standing there because the snow piles are blocking it’s escape.

One area is especially bad. The culvert that usually carries the water out to a grass area is still frozen, so the water is backing up. Every time I go out for chores it’s worse than before. I’m hoping the culvert will open up and get rid of some of the water, before it freezes again. I guess if it freezes I can open an ice-skating rink.

Feed alley getting swallowed by rising snow melt.

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One Response to Wanted: Large Ark

  1. This is such a cool shot! Hope it’s a little dryer by now.

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