Hell’s Kitchen

If you get to Minneapolis, MN you HAVE to check out Hell’s Kitchen. It jumped up to the top of my favorite’s list. The atmosphere is so cool, for lack of a better term. It’s very funky and hip. Plan on getting a reservation or having a long wait. We were there around 4 pm on a Saturday and had a 20 minute wait. I over heard the hostess tell a customer they were booked from 8 pm to 10 pm. Walks-ins could expect a 40 minute wait.

Our wait went quickly since there were open seats at the bar. I had a different drink called the Foxy Fosse, it was unlike anything I’ve tried. It was ginger-infused vodka with homemade basil infused lemonade. The basil really came out in the drink. They also have a nonalcoholic version.

For my meal, I chose the roasted vegetable panini. It was a melty, crispy piece of heaven, which was kind of ironic in a place called Hell’s Kitchen. It was two pieces of perfect sourdough holding a creamy mix of swiss and fontina cheeses. Along with the cheese was charbroiled eggplant, braised fennel bulb, roasted sweet red peppers, sautéed portabella mushrooms, and tomatoes. I choose the sweet potato fries to go along with this awesome sandwich. I can safely say this was the BEST panini I’ve ever had and I’ve eaten quite a few. It puts all others to shame.

The farmer had the Jamaican Jerk Burger. This huge burger was bison with jerk seasoning, grilled pineapple, and habanero pepper-jack cheese. He got the french fries with Hell’s Kitchen’s homemade ketchup, which could make a ketchup eater out of me. He didn’t say it was the best burger he’s ever eaten, but he said it was a “damn” good burger.

The menu at this place is huge. They even do brunch! I am so in love with this place I can’t wait to go back. You have to check out their website, www.hellskitcheninc.com.  I promise you’ll find something on the menu you’ll be dying to try.

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