Good To Be Home

I was lucky enough to get a few days off from chores to visit some family in Nebraska. It was my niece’s first birthday, so I was happy the farmer could hold down the fort for a long weekend. I hoping to find spring while I was there. It was almost 50 degrees and sunny when I arrived Friday afternoon and I did see a robin. It was short-lived however. Saturday was cold and windy, Sunday it snowed. So much for finding spring.

Monday while driving home I watched the temps plummet. By the time I was back to my farm it was -4. This morning I was greeted with -13. Apparently it only takes a weekend to get unaccustomed to the cold. There was ice on all the waterers and sick calves to be looked at. It didn’t take long for my toes and fingers to lose feeling. I hurried as fast as I could to get back in the house and have my coffee to warm up.

You’d think I’d be used to these temps by now!  I keep telling myself every day is one day closer to spring. I’m actually looking forward to the muddy mess spring brings. I think this year will be especially bad, since we have so much snow this winter. I’ll not to complain about it this year. I’ll remember these cold days when I’m sinking in the mud, hopefully without a winter coat on!

Even though I froze this morning, it was good to get back to my routine. I always worry a little about my ladies when I’m gone. You always think no one takes as good of care of them. They’re always fine, but it’s still good to be home.

Getting a drink after the ice is broken

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