In My Blood

Man, I was cold this morning. I know -7 isn’t the coldest day we’ve had this winter, but for some reason it felt really cold to me. I was happy to see the sun this morning. It doesn’t do much for improving the temperature this time of year, but it just makes you feel better.

The dog loves sunny days like this. She follows the sun around the house, moving from one sunny spot on the floor to another as the day progresses. She started the day in the dining room where the east window lets the first rays of light in. Right now she’s in my bedroom enjoying the sun from the south window. In another hour she’ll move to the living room where the sun will be pouring in the patio door and later in the west windows.

I can’t say I blame her. I’ve been known to grab a good book and join her on the weekends. I try to keep myself a little more on task during the week. She likes sharing her sunny spot almost as much as she likes sharing “her” love seat, which is not at all. If she thinks you’re taking up too much of her space, she’ll move but not before she gives you some dirty looks. If you’re sitting in the spot she wants, you get the sad labrador eyes. She’ll stare at you with those eyes until you move and then she’ll happily claim her spot.

My life seems to be ruled by animals. The dog is the queen of the castle inside and outside the heifers rule the roost. Sometimes I find myself wondering when my life was overtaken by the animals, then it hits me, it’s almost always been this way. The times I haven’t been around animals most of the day was college and my days working at a greenhouse. During those times I missed doing chores, shoveling manure, and catering to a canine. Some of my happiest days growing up were spent in the barn with my horse and 4-H steers.

I guess I was destined to love and care for all these four-legged creatures. When you’re a farmer’s daughter it seems to get in your blood.

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