Freckles and Friends

People ask me all the time if I have “all those calves” named. I tell them I don’t, which is mostly true. All the calves have ear tags which have a number we use to identify them. Sometimes a particular calf will stand from the crowd, so I’ll remember her number. For example the heifer that died a couple of weeks ago was 12016. As soon as I found out the number I knew which heifer it was. She’d been sickly from the beginning. I wrote her number down so many times I knew who she was before I looked at the ear tag. I know that 12108 is pron to bloat. When she was younger she was bloated almost everyday, so I remember her number and try to find her everyday to make sure she’s not bloated. Thank goodness she seems to have out grown the bloating…knock on wood!

Sometimes I’ll see a calf with markings that differ from the rest and then I’ll give her a name fitting to the markings. Freckles is one of those calves. She’s been here for several months, but I still pick her out of the crowd. Her face has a white blaze with black freckles. I’ll admit she was a lot more eye-catching when she first got here, but the babies are always cuter.

Flopsy is another calf that stands out from the crowd. Her ears always flop forward instead of sticking out to the sides. I don’t know why they do that, but it doesn’t seem to bother her. I wonder if her ears will stay that way as she gets older? She kind of has a playful look to her.

I’m sure there will be many more calves in the future which I will have to name. I know there will be lots of numbers I will remember. In the meantime, Freckles and Flopsy will keeping cheering me up when I pick them out of the crowd.

Freckles with her head down.

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