Cold, Cold, and More Cold

This morning at chore time it was -30 actual air temperature. Who knows what the wind chill was! Of course the bobcat didn’t start. It just whined in protest until the battery died. With the farmer still out-of-town I had to bother my brother-in-law again. He didn’t sound too thrilled about coming over again to rescue me. I do feel bad about how much I’ve had to bother him this week, but there’s not much I can do about it. He’s the mechanic, not me.

While I was waiting for him I walked through all the pens and chipped ice on the waterers. Some of them were completely froze over. I broke the ice and found water underneath. It’s a big problem when there’s no water under the ice. If that happens you could have frozen pipes. I’m hoping when I go back out this afternoon they all still have water in them. Frozen pipes are not fun to deal with, especially when it’s this cold.

After I had dealt with the ice my gloves were wet and frozen. I came back to the house to warm up and get dry gloves. After a quick cup of coffee I headed back out. The bobcat was still not starting, so I had to carry hay to my hungry babies and pull the feed cart everywhere. The worst part was pulling the grain cart up to my pen of 60. The pen is on the other side of the farm from the rest of the pens. It’s a long hike through the snow and cold pulling a full feed cart.

Finally my brother-in-law managed to get the bobcat started, so I could deliver hay to my pen of 60 and push up feed for the rest of the ladies. By the time chores were done it was 11:00! I’m finally starting to warm up and now it’s almost time to go back out. Nothing but cold for me today!

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