A Fugitive at Sunrise

Just because I didn’t have extra time this morning! I was pushing up feed as the sun was coming up and just as I was finishing up I saw a heifer out. I swear they only get out when the farmer is out-of-town. Every time he’s left this winter I’ve had a heifer out! The heifer was laying in the feed next to her pen, which was much better than wandering around the farm.

I parked the bobcat crossways to prevent her from going the opposite direction as I needed her to. The issue was the 99 other heifers in the pen where my fugitive belonged. Those 99 apparently thought something exciting was happening and they didn’t want to miss it. It didn’t help they were hungry and waiting for breakfast. I tried to run them back to the shed, so I could open the gate and chase the fugitive in. The heifers were having no part in that. Great, I thought, now what? I thought maybe I could get the fugitive near the gate and then quick open it, without letting anyone else out. Wishful thinking, the farmer can almost always get an escapee back in by himself. I have no idea how!

I had an eye appointment this morning, so there wasn’t anytime for fooling around. I had to call my brother-in-law for back up. Another person made all the difference. In less than a minute we had the fugitive back in the pen and I was able to continue with my chores. Luckily, nothing else out of the ordinary happened. I even had time to shower before my appointment. It’s not unusual to have to quickly change clothes and run off, hoping you don’t smell like a cow!

The plus side of this whole fiasco was watching a beautiful sunrise on this cold (-9) winter morning, while I was waiting for back up to arrive. Hopefully tomorrow no one will be out looking for an adventure.

Sunrise on a cold, winter morning

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One Response to A Fugitive at Sunrise

  1. That’s what you get for calling yesterday boring :-).

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