Nothing But Drifts and Cold

I wasn’t going to write anything today, but I’ve had a change of heart. The last couple of days have been very run of the mill, boring even. I thought no one wants to hear about a day on the farm were nothing interesting happens. But the more I think about it, the more important I thought it was to tell you about the last couple of days. This is how life on the farm is, sometimes it’s boring.

Yesterday I did chores in the morning. We’d gotten about an inch of fresh snow and some wind overnight, so there were plenty of snow drifts to break through. I had to push snow away from the feed before I could push it up for the heifers. Luckily I only had to shovel snow out of one bunk, it must have blown out of the others.

The excitement of the day was taking the dog to the vet to have her annual shots. Some people would say this is sad, but on a farm no excitement often means no problems. I’ll take that any day! Especially this week, with the farmer out-of-town.

Afternoon chores were completed without any issues. It seems this week the cold will be the major problem. There are a few mornings expected to be in the teens below zero. I don’t think I have enough clothes to stay warm in temps like that! Hopefully all the equipment will start and the heaters will keep the water unfrozen. I’m kind of hoping I don’t have anything to talk about this week except the drifts and cold.

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