Lunch Lady

I never thought I’d be a lunch lady, but that’s exactly what I feel like some days. This morning while I was feeding calves I found myself thinking about the lunch ladies from high school. I went to a small school, so we only had two lunch ladies. We knew them and they knew us. They were always happy to serve up our favorites and enjoyed hearing how much we liked something.

I was thinking of this today because the calves are always lined up waiting for their feed, just like kids in a lunch line. They tell me every day how much they like getting their hay and grain by the chorus of mooing. Once they have a full bunk the mooing quiets down and I know I’ve done my job as the lunch lady.

The major difference, besides the obvious, is I go to the calves instead of them coming to me, like the lunch line at school. I guess you can think of my bobcat and feed cart as the lunch wagon. It delivers tasty morsels to the masses twice a day, seven days a week.

I know I truly appreciated the lunch ladies in my life, whether is was the ones at school or my mom at home. I can only hope the “children” in my life appreciate their lunch lady at least half as much.

The lunch wagon

Delivering hay to hungry calves

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One Response to Lunch Lady

  1. Good parallel! Love the pics!

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