Moving Day

It’s moving day at the farm. This is a day long process where the oldest heifers on this farm get moved up to the farm where we milk. It’s only eight miles away, but with 100 heifers to be moved up there it takes a while. These heifers have reached breeding age and will start their life as milk cows at the other farm.

Once those heifers are moved the shuffling begins here. All the heifers are moved into new pens. The two pens of 60 and 40 will become one pen of 100. The pens of 20 will become the pens of 60 and 40. These calves will be started on the silage mixture which is fed by the feed truck. The calves that have been in the barns will be moved to outside pens. They have a shed to go into, but they also have an outside yard. The calves probably don’t care about being outside in the winter, but I think it’s much nicer for them in the summer. The temperature in the barn is nicer year round, but who doesn’t like to bask in the sunlight from time to time?

When the day is done I will have one empty barn. Over the next month or so this barn will be filled back up to 80 calves again. This is a never-ending cycle. We move everyone around every month or so, give or take a week. I usually get 20 new calves a week. These calves are moved up from my in-law’s farm.

My empty barn is only temporary, so I have to enjoy it while it lasts. It’s kind of nice having empty pens and not so many mouths to feed. Next week I’ll probably have 20 calves back in the barn and chores will start to take longer again. At least I always have the next moving day to look forward too!

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