Best Laid Plans

One of the many “duties” of a farmer’s wife is running for parts. When the farmer calls and says he needs a part, big or small,  you’re expected to drop everything else you had planned and go. Generally this means ASAP!

Today I’d planned on finishing chores, checking my e-mail and blogging while having my coffee. After I was finished with those items it was going to be off to the grocery store and back before I needed to head back out for afternoon chores. Instead I found myself driving almost three hours, round trip, to get a part for the silo. I managed enough time before I left to make my coffee for the road and washed the grain dust off my face, definitely not how I planned to spend my day between chores, but not so bad.

We just bought a different vehicle, so the long drive was a nice way to check out all the features. It was a beautiful winter day, bitter cold, but sunny. The snow looked diamonds sprinkled out over the farm fields. I enjoyed the views from my heated leather seat!

I delivered the part to the farm where we milk our animals just as my honey was leaving to run for parts for something else. Luckily for me it was almost chore time, otherwise I may have found myself on another parts run!

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