Thanks a lot, sister!

     Leave it to my sister to put crazy ideas in my head. She was talking about a blog she does for work and I was asking questions. I’ve always been curious about blogging and thought it would be kind of fun. She said someone should blog about life on a farm. I thought hmm, would anyone read that? Then she said I should do it. Another hmm…so here I am a week later and starting my blog.

     I was out feeding my calves and daydreaming about blogging when I decided I’d try my hand at it. Who knows if any one will read it or not. My sister better, since this was her bright idea! I’m not even sure what I’ll talk about. Life on a farm usually provides an ever-changing backdrop for conversation.

     Take my morning yesterday as an example. Generally I walk down to the barn around 7 am, nothing unusual. Yesterday, a set of tracks in the snow caught my eye. Our dog had been barking a lot the night before, but I couldn’t see anything. We have a wireless fence for her, so she doesn’t go away from the house. The tracks I saw in the snow where canine of some kind, but I knew it wasn’t our dog. I’d seen a coyote a couple of weeks ago at the end of our driveway so I’ve been on the look out. These tracks wandered all over the farm. Some spots it looked like the canine had been hunting rodents under the snow. I was kind of getting creeped out, since it’s pretty dark when I go out in the mornings.

     I don’t know for sure what it was and might not ever find out. You can bet I’m paying closer attention and checking behind me a few times while I’m walking to the barn in the dark!

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2 Responses to Thanks a lot, sister!

  1. Millie says:

    Great idea that sista of yours had. You both are so gifted in the writing department. I would like to know how many calves you feed in the morning and what they eat. Do you have to grind feed? Do you have heaters for the water? Just curious I guess. 😉

    • Millie,
      Right now I’m feeding ground feed and hay to 180 calves morning and night. I push up feed with a bobcat for the other 800 or so heifers. The feed truck feeds a silage mix to those every other afternoon. I don’t have to grind the feed for the smaller calves, either a hired man or “the farmer” does. The ground feed consists of corn, oats, and a powdered mineral. We also add a medicated pellet if a lot of calves are sick. The guys grind feed every 3-4 days and put in a small bin and then I fill up a feed cart from there.
      We do have heaters in the waterers, but winter can be challenging. The bigger heifers usually drink enough water to keep the ice off, but the smaller ones almost always have some ice in the mornings. I break the ice with a hammer and try to fish out the big pieces.
      I hope this answers your questions. Thanks for reading and I hope to keep things interesting so you will read again!

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